yoga retreat in nature

Wild Forest

in a remote area, far from cities and busy life

 It is the place to slow down, go within yourself  and find the inner peace. Here you will enjoynjoy the  landscape, quitness  of the  nature, clean air, the smell of the pine trees. 


accomodation in a luxury bell tent (shared with one other person) 

comfortable bed, electricity

two yoga classes daily 

one activity daily

vegetarian food included

shared outside toilet, shower, kitchen

 accomodation in a tiny house is possible for extra fee

day program

8:00 Morning Yoga practice

9:45 Nourishing breakfast

12:30 Organic tasty lunch

14:00 Free time

16:00 Activity/workshop/lecture

17:00 Detoxing herbal tea

18:30 Evening yoga practice

19:45 Cooking on fire dinner

yoga teacher

Gabrielius is a yoga teacher from Lithuania. He had an extensive 9 months yoga education in India and taught yoga for several years in the Netherlands. In 2020 he came back to Lithuania with his family and started a yoga center in a big old forest near the river Nemunas. ‘I am grateful to share this yoga wisdom in my home country and also with the world. I believe that everyone can live a happy and meaningful life.’

your yoga class

You will begin your mornings with a gentle hatha yoga class to open your body, mind and connect to your soul. Each class lasts about 75 minutes and takes place at the yoga dome in the middle of the forest. Sometimes you can see deers passing by during a yoga session.

Your evening classes are designed to calm down and restore your body and mind after an active and vibrating day. You will engage in a calm Hatha yoga practice including relaxation and meditation.

After a yoga session we encourage to stay calm for a while to better feel the benefits of yoga. That is why we offer a herbal ayurvedic tea after each yoga class.

the vegetables we grow in our own garden

we eat organic locally grown food

what we do...

making goat cheese

Our yoga teacher’s wife Els is all crazy about goats and making delicious goat cheeses. When she came to live here in Lithuania she blended her native dutch cheese making experience with the local Lithuanian cheese making tradition. And the result will carry you away.  

ceramic art

Another passion of our yoga teacher Gabrielius is a ceramique art. He is delightful to share how touching art can become a very grounding experience. Touching the clay is calming and relaxing. And who knows, if you haven’t tried it before, maybe it will become your new hobby…

sauna ritual

Lithuania has a long sauna tradition. It is a unique experience where all five elemnts meet. It is a way to clean, detox, rejuvenate and relax yourself.

Modern Luxury Closest To The Nature


bell tent accomodation

Furnished with comfortable beds 

Modern day luxury but at the same time close to nature. 

Tent is shared with one other person.

Shared outside toilet, shower and kitchen.


luxury tents

Staying in our luxury tents you will enjoy a comfortable bed while staying close to nature. 

common spaces

We welcome you to fully explore our retreat huge teritory in a middle of an old forest. You can hike in a forest, go for swimming in a river. And if you like, you are welcome to help us in our vegetable garden. 

guest house

Those who want more comfort can book our guest house. For an extra fee you can have all modern day facilities including private bathroom, mini kitchen and a comfortable double bed.

what people say about us...

My best discovery this summer is Yoga at Gabrielius. Not in a gym or a yoga studio, but in the purest wild NATURE! To be more precisely, in a dome surrounded by meadows, forest and sky. Feel like a conductor between earth and sky.
The self-healing natural environment,  inner peace, radiating from Gabrielius and clearly taught instructions on how to perform the asanas correctly,  turn you into a completely different person. You feel more focused on yourself and have a strong sense of the ground under your feet, your tense body relaxes, your mind calms down, and your thoughts become clearer.
I feel endless gratitude for the new experience and liberating healing.


Every time you go there, you want to stay again and again… I recommend everyone to visit and have an experience with “Wild forest yoga” surrounded by the forest, with warm faces, and after each session to enjoy ayurvedic tea made by Gabriel, and Els always surrounds you with warmth and care. It is true that yoga also takes place in Sakiai. It will really help to move the body and balance the mind. It is refreshing not only for the body, but also for the soul.


Yoga practice helps to find a balance between the body and the soul. However, you can only learn the secrets of yoga with a teacher, only then do you understand how yoga heals the body, you start to feel more refreshed, and you learn to control your emotions. Only through the regular practice of yoga can one get the result, and with the help of breathing and meditation, one can discover the answers that have been dictated by nature for a long time.


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