Ice tower

by Gabrielius

We are discovering the ways to isolate the walls. Our house is really old and the walls freeze. We have ice inside the house on the surfaces of the walls. So we learned about this old technology of putting snow around the walls from outside. The temperature under the snow is not that low because snow isolates good and the warm underneath is always warm as the earth is also always warm.

And I also want to share a beautiful snow tower I found outside… It came from the rain system. It was so big and thick so I put it on the fence. I like the way it plays with the sun light.

I find winter the most beautiful season of all. It gives you time to reflect and go within. There is such a stillness in the nature. So silent and peaceful. All the trees in the forest stand so still and silent.

It would be fun to make ice sculpture exhibition in our forest. I will do that next year when we finish with renovation and have more time. 🙂

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