We live in our forest house!

By Els

Sometime before Easter we unexpectedly decided that we could go and live in our house. It was not planned at all but we were really longing to live on our own again and we realized that the basic needs in our house were finished (heating, running water, possibility to cook…) so we moved in! In the beginning it was not really comfortable, the construction workers were still coming every day and we didn’t have a shower. bBut is was so good to be in our house and forest all day and night!

We have been working really hard last months and there were many decisions to take: tiles, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, walls… Tiles, materials for the kitchen, colors for stairs, windows, doors, etc. we had to choose from a small samples and we were really hoping that everything would fit together.  And in the end everything looks really beautiful. From all the nice things I am most happy with the bathroom tiles. See for yourself… this green / blue is such a nice and soft color with many different tones in every tile. It’s so nice and calming to take a bath here.

The kitchen is also really beautiful and big and the white tiles on the floor makes the house look really spacious and light. I am really happy we left a part of the old red bricks visible. It gives something interesting to the house. The stairs are also finished. Gabrielius’ grandfather made the wooden steps from oak wood that was stored behind our barn. It’s so beautiful, and so special to know that this wood actually came from our forest.

Now the spring is about to start, it gets warm and we can be outside more. Rytas and Vakaris really like to be outside. And now we also see how much work there is still left outside the house. So much to clean, and a garden to create, forest to maintain… we keep on working!

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