Cut down trees

By Gabrielius

This is a very sad story I am going to share with you now. We bought this property with a house that we fell in love. But more than that, we fell in love with the nature and the forest, which was part of the property we bought. This old forest was so beautiful and full with life. But… there is more to tell you and I don’t even know how, because it breaks my heart when I remember what happened…

Somebody cut down 20 old fir trees.

A few days after we officially bought our property, we were walking in the forest to show my family the boundaries of the property when we suddenly approached an area with many very recently cut down trees. First we saw one, then another one, and then we saw more and more, 20 big old trees that were cut down so recently that you could still see and smell the bleeding of the resin. Such a sad feeling was there, it felt as if somebody cut part of me…

At the beginning I could not realize how bad it was but I returned to the site the other day. I was walking alone and I had to cry. My heart broke. I felt so bad because somebody made a crime, it is a protected forest and cutting down trees is illegal, it felt as if they were stolen from us. But more than that, once a tree is cut down, it’s gone. You will not put it back. Even if you would replant them, it will take many years and it will never be the same trees.

I realize I have to take pictures. Besides the emotional feeling that I had, I also realized that it was an actual crime and I had to take evidence. And also the property is ours, now we are responsible. And if somebody comes to investigate it, they can blame us. I could even see the traces of a heavy truck that was left in the forest moss recently. I immediately called the previous owner and he denied cutting the trees down.

After a few days the he agreed to meet me in the forest to see the situation. And after some time he admitted that it was his job. His explanation was that the trees were sick. But before we bought the property, we were checking for sick trees and neither Els, or my mom, or the neighbor, or me remember sick trees at that area of the forest. But by cutting down and removing these trees, he also removed the evidence… so what could we do…

It’s really sad and the trunks of the trees stand there like a scar in our beautiful forest.

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